I was born in 1968 in Nijmegen. Koninkx is my maiden name that I continue to use for my work because I can also be found under that name as a jewelry designer in books about modern jewelry, museums and on the internet (And I'm proud of that). I am married and live with my super husband and 2 super daughters in a village just outside Delft. In addition to being with the people I love, my hobbies are: making art, gardening, crocheting, reading, listening to podcasts, looking at art, cooking and eating delicious and enjoyable food and collecting images, pictures, souvenirs and materials anytime and anywhere. . Furthermore, I am 1.76 m tall, introverted, material freak and huge lover of color (fluorescent pink in particular), glitter, sunlight and flowers. You can catch me eating Cadillacs and yellow M&Ms. I have been alcohol-free since 2019. My favorite museum is Museum Voorlinden in Wassenaar. My favorite place is my studio and my favorite country is Ibiza. Later, when I grow up... I would like to have a second house there.


What is HartenEnZo?

HartenEnZo is an online store for unique, colorful and handmade art.

Exists since January 2016.

Creates art that makes you happy.

Art for the open mind.

I graduated as a jewelry designer from the HKU, Utrecht University of the Arts, in 1993. If you would like to know more about my history as a jewelry designer, click here.


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