'Le temps passe, le souvenir reste.'

A heart in assignment.


How beautiful is it to have your memories of someone (such as old necklaces/beads, brooches, knick-knacks, stones, etc.) that are now scattered everywhere in the house or in a box under your bed, processed into one heart?

Beautiful to give, beautiful to receive and beautiful for me to make.

How does this work? You send or bring me your things with instructions about what should go in the heart, what is less important and things that are allowed in but not so that I can take that into account.
To get an idea of how to do this, take a look at the detailed photos of the hearts pictured below.

For items, think of old and/or broken necklaces, brooches, earrings, parts, knick-knacks, found shells, stones or otherwise.... What I don't use will be returned to you if you wish.

I supplement your things with materials from me and create a special heart from them.

Price in consultation.

  • Custom made heart 3
    Custom made heart 3

    Special assignment from parents to have a heart made for their daughter in honor of her 50th birthday.
    I received old beads, trinkets and earrings from grandma, sister and mother. Neatly with notes to indicate what was important…

  • Custom made heart 2
    Custom made heart 2

    This was a special assignment. With the things that I received and the story behind it, I went to work. In accordance, I can also tell the story.

    The client is a mother with 3 beautiful healthy children, girls and a sweet man.…

  • Custom made heart 1
    Custom made heart 1

    The first custom heart! In honor of a 50-year wedding anniversary.

    I got the materials sent by mail. Everything nicely sorted and done in separate bags with a note with explanation in each bag. Great to get started. In the end,…

  • HEART for outside
    HEART for outside

    Assignment: a heart for under the veranda in calm colours.

    Dimensions: LWH: 80 x 80 x 10 cm

    Materials: metal wire, palm leaf, silk flowers, sequins, glass beads.

  • Custom made heart 4
    Custom made heart 4

    Assignment: A mourning heart in white, blue and purple. Not too stiff, in a field bouquet atmosphere.

    Floral foam size: 30-35 cm.

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