In addition to home accessories, HartenEnZo also makes jewelry, accessories and objects.
They are jewelry in the form of simple, colourful necklaces.
These can be worn single or double wrapped once and make every outfit into something special. The accessories are mini purses and heart pendants.
The objects speak for themselves and are clearly recognizable as a product of HartenEnZo through their use of colour and materials.

  • Rabbit

    Price: € 3,000.00 (bell included)

    This beautiful rabbit is completely made up of beads and jewelry parts. It has become a real cuddly toy. He has something of a long used cuddly toy and those are precious. You should cherish it…

  • 3D Vase
    3D Vase

    Price: € 1,500.00

    This 3D vase began with a picture. A picture of a vase with flowers. I laminated the picture and started to add all kinds of flowers. Homemade flowers, artificial flowers, jewelery flowers. Then I started to…

  • Collage

    Price: € 895.00

    This collage started with a homemade colouring. I then worked with all kinds of materials and techniques. Almost nothing is stuck but embroidered. I then made a white frame and glued the collage in. I gave it a…

  • Giant necklace
    Giant necklace

    Price: € 2,500.00

    This incredibly beautiful giant necklace is made up of plastic waste such as plastic bottles and caps of shampoo, Glorix, soda, laundry detergent, mayonnaise, lemon juice, etc. I also used some iron beads,…

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